QSciTech Program


IMPORTANT: All QSciTech activities (courses, workshops and summer school) are open to everyone, even if not a participant in the QSciTech program. However, fees may apply and spots are limited. Please contact us if you have any question at

Any graduate student (M.Sc. or Ph.D.) in physics, engineering, computer science, mathematics (other disciplines might be considered) from a participating university is admissible provided that her/his research project is in the area of quantum materials and technologies (i.e. quantum information and computing, quantum materials and devices, quantum engineering, etc).

Participating universities (partner universities) are:


Postdoctoral fellows


Postdoctoral fellows are also admissibles under the conditions above. The structure of the program and the funding provided are slightly different for postdocs (see Detailed description and Financial support).


Undergraduate students


Undergraduate students are not admissible to the standard QSciTech program. However, they can benefit from the QSciTech Support Program for Undergraduate Research Internships. This program provides funding to professors from partner universities (see above) to hire undergraduate students for research internships in their group (see Financial support). To benefit, the internship research project must be in the area of quantum materials and technologies. The funding cannot be combined with NSERC USRA (Undergraduate Student Research Awards).

This funding is available in limited number each year, with strict deadlines for application each trimester (see the application page for details).